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Smart Reacher

It's a fact. Smart Reacher™ can reach and do things with objects other reachers can't!
• Multipurpose specialty tool for hanging string lights, decorations, adjusting window shutters and MORE!
• Fits a standard "paint style" extension pole. Available at your local home improvement store.
• High quality ABS plastic - strong and very lightweight...weighs 0.8 oz.
• Smart Reacher™ saves time and safer than using a ladder! Great mobility reacher!
• Includes 1-removable vinyl cover to protect finished surfaces.
• "Notch-Cut" features allow for hanging popular adhesive backed plastic hooks, pulling chain, cord, cables etc.
• No Trigger To Pull makes it easy to use for those with weak finger strength.
• Reach short or long distances depending on your pole length or use a telescopic pole.
String Lights
Customers say...
"Very handy modern reacher! Great for hooking and unhooking hangers" P.D/Torrance, CA

"Used mine on 22 ft ceilings to adjust ceiling fan, worked perfectly! Would recommend to others." S. Turner/Meridian, ID

"I've been using Smart Reacher to lock/unlock and open/close hard to reach windows. I also plan to use it for picking fruit from our pear tree. I love your design and so far I am very happy with my purchase. Great idea!"
Enrique Lopez/Half Moon Bay, CA

"Item as described, highly recommended."
T.P./San Antonio, TX

"I use the Smart Reacher to reach high plantation shutters to open & close them. Love it because otherwise I would have to climb up on a ladder. I would definitely recommend this product."
Joan Sands/Bluffton, SC

"These work great!"
E.D./Festus, MO

"The Smart Reacher has helped me. I open/close a casement window, make the bed, get my shoes and open spring loaded cupboard doors with it. Some days it makes all the difference. The tips make a big difference in how well it helps me too. I use it everyday...thank you."
C.R./San Francisco, CA (Wheelchair user 20 years)

Turns any standard extension pole into a Multi-Purpose Long Distance Reacher-Grabber Tool. Just hand screw it onto your pole!

Your reaching distance is only limited by the length of your pole!
Grab - Pull - Push - Hook - Twist - Lock - Lift - Scrape - Press - Bump
Pole not included
Removable vinyl covers protect finished surfaces such as shutter louvers
U.S. Patent
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Notch-Cut Features