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Operation Suggestions & Use Tips (pdf)
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                                                                                Some Uses By The Smart Reacher™

Push the “learn code” button on the back of a garage door opener when programming remote control.
Adjust the open/close position of plantation style window shutter louvers (use vinyl covers).
Reach over tubs/saunas to adjust window shutter louvers or open windows (use vinyl covers).
Retrieving totes & bags in a boat.
Pull cords on faux plantation blinds.
Retrieve hanging flower pots over shrubs, gardens, fountains and other objects.
Retrieved a tube of nylon string from under a dishwasher while making a repair.
Retrieve and replace hanging bird feeders.
Adjust baskets and other objects over kitchen cabinets.
Hang and take down string lights.
Place and hang plastic plant decorations on high window boxes and furniture.
Scrape and remove mud daubers nest from walls.
Remove wasp nest from soffit/overhang of house…hook with Notch-Cut and pull it down.
Rubber band a cloth or cotton sock around top of unit and touch-up paint small areas (i.e. scraped mud daubers nest) without all the mess of a roller or brush. Just throw away the cloth and rinse the unit under the faucet (water base paints).
Reach fan on/off pull chain and speed adjustment. Notch-Cut ends
Reach fan blade reversal switch to change airflow direction.
Clean sliding patio door track. Notch-Cut fits over raised guide rails, tip fits between them at an angle.
    Lay fine steel wool or cloth on rail, put notch cut over material, press, move back/forth to clean track.
    In areas between the raised rails use full width of blade. For more narrow areas turn blade at an angle to fit.
Remove hookable items such as wall clocks for replacing battery, cleaning, etc.
Lift/lower items to long distance elevations (roof, basement, scaffold, etc.). Holiday Decorations, cable, wire, etc.
Retrieve items (wreath, pic frames) in an attic or storage unit without moving everything in its path.
Lock & pull vines from growing into your house soffit (Jasmine for example).
Grab-Lock/Pull wires in hard to reach places (computer/network cables behind desks, cabinets, attic etc.).
Adjust decorative plants on top of furniture and overhead cabinets, etc.
Adjust Ceiling Air Vents too high to reach without a ladder.
Reach items under or in a motor vehicle/bus.
Pulling the attic light cord switch before starting up the ladder. Notch-Cut end
Get objects from the top garage shelf without a ladder…just hook the handle, etc.
Adjust picture frames too high to reach by hand.
Open and close sliding windows too high to reach…increase ventilation.
Water hard to reach window planter boxes by hooking the nozzle handle over the tall riser.
Holding the end of a metal tape measure line, when the distance is farther than your arm can reach…but your pole will.
Push heavy gauge wire down to tuck into cavity compartment of cooking range when sliding unit back against wall.
Hold large replacement patio screen in place at the top (by a 2nd person w/o ladder) while 1st person starts spline.
Pick fruit from the tree (avocados, pears, oranges, lime, etc.)
Remove a lawn chair from a wall hook (reaching over other objects)
Pull tree branches down lower for cutting.
Reach clothing on the top closet shelf and high clothes hangers
Retrieve the looped end of a rope thrown over a tree limb.
Pull Spanish Moss from trees. Just push into moss, twist and pull it out (like twirling spaghetti).
Tuck cables/wires/power strip between sofa and wall!
Retrieve/maneuver objects from inside a boat (bags, clothing, life preservers, floats, electrical tape, bumpers, flip toggle switches, etc.)
Retrieve spring loaded extension cord hanging from ceiling that’s centered over a garaged boat.
Twist vertical blind slat “hanger hook” back to proper position.
Open spring hinged cabinet doors (wheelchair user). Not enough space between chair & door to open without using Smart Reacher™
Make the bed (wheelchair user).
Pick up shoes (wheelchair user).
Pull an elevated tarp over a 12’ span and connect it to 8’high fences.
Attach and remove small Plastic Push Pins. Slide pin in vertical Notch-Cut. Hang pictures, pin posters, decorations, etc.
Hang wind chimes.
Hang smaller sizes of 3M Command® Hooks using Notch-Cut.
Opening/closing a high double hung window over the landing of a stairwell between 2 floors.
Support the brace of a basketball backboard (“U” shape area of unit supporting brace) allowing the use of both hands to put a bolt through it.
Removed hydrilla grass from a boat motor propeller while on the water.
Grab leaves & twigs from a water fountain.

Need more flexibility: Use the Mr. LongArm® #0150 Angle Adapter with your Smart Reacher™. It hand screws onto the Smart Reacher™ and the pole. Available at most home improvement stores.
The more you use Smart Reacher™…the more you’ll find to use it for!
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