Smart Reacher Pole Hook ToolSmart Reacher Pole Hook ToolSmart Reacher Pole Hook ToolSmart Reacher Pole Hook Tool

. Notch-Cut Ends lock/pull beaded chain

. Removable Vinyl Cover

. Fits standard paint style extension pole (not included)

Smart Reacher $12.64



  1. Removable vinyl tip cover protects finished surfaces.
  2. Notch-Cuts provide multi-functional retrieval and locking capabilities.
  3. Can be screwed onto pole in reverse position offering additional retrieval/adjusting options.  
  4. Lightweight strong ABS material provides for easy long distance reaching and durability.
  5. Small size allows for reaching in narrow spaces, behind-under appliances & furniture.

Pole Hook reaching high plants above the door


 The Smart Reacher Pole Hook Tool is used to retrieve, adjust and manipulate a large  variety of long distance, especially high, hard to reach objects. Open, close and adjust high plantation shutter louvers, windows, blinds, ac ceiling  vents, hang string lights, banners, test smoke alarm button, reach attic  objects, handled pots & pans, clothes hangers, ceiling fan on/off  pull chain, hanging baskets, branches on roof, remove wasp-mud dauber nest, laundry from washer/dryer, retrieve bird feeders, clothes from  floor, open-close windows, adjust picture frames, pick fruit, hang small  plastic adhesive hooks, banners, decorations, pull light cord/chain, clean sliding door track, reach behind and  under furniture, many more hard to reach objects.  Boat, RV, Home, Office, Industrial, Church, Wheelchair  User, Handicapped, Elderly, Retirement Centers, Nursing Homes, Assisted  Living Centers, Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Commercial Lighting, Pro Audio      

Tool for adjusting high ceiling ac vent

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